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A Useful Comparison Tool For Different Types Of Data Recovery Software

Data recovery can be a complex process if one is not familiar with various nuances associated with it. For a home user, the availability of so many data recovery programs to choose from can be overwhelming.

data-recovery-software.review is a website that systematically evaluates the various recovery software commercially available and which one will best fit a user’s needs based on their requirements.

All the evaluated data recovery software on that website uses general common parameters for ratings like :

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Refund
  • Lifetime updates
  • Recovery speed
  • User Manual
  • Type of file system supported

The test results for these evaluated data recovery software are listed in an easy to understand tabular format with the steps involved in testing them (testbed).

review table for commercially available data recovery programs

As per the spectrum of data recovery tasks, the website broadly categorizes data recovery tasks into 4 groups :

  • General data recovery : This the most common of all data recovery software programs. Simply put, this involves restoring data back to a formatted hard drive after reinstalling OS or recovering a deleted file/folder using any of the data recovery software aimed for home users.

List of software programs reviewed for general data recovery: EaseUS., GetDataBack, ReclaiMe, RecoverMyFiles, R-Studio, Stellar Phoenix, UFS Explorer and ZAR.

  • NAS data recovery : NAS (Network Attached Storage) is more inclined for enterprise storage platforms that deals with a lot of data and uses Linux. NAS recovery programs in brief first try to access and read the Linux based file systems and them attempt to restore the data.

List of software programs reviewed for NAS recovery : HomeNAS recovery, ReclaiMe, Runtime NAS recovery, UFS Explorer and ZAR.

  • RAID data recovery : RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) recovery can either be a software or hardware based. Again, this is usually an enterprise level storage platform and tools for this come in two main formats : those which just restore RAID configuration and those who along with that recover file systems too. It is explained in much more detail here.

List of software programs reviewed for RAID recovery : ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery, RAID reconstructor, R-Studio and ZAR.

  • Photo data recovery : Photos and image files can be a pain to recover if not backed up properly! This also includes files that are stored on portable drives, memory cards and thumb drives ideally no more than 32GB in size.  Usually as these files are stored on relatively smaller capacity external storage, the data to be recovered is not massive but it still needs to be recovered from the typical FAT file system which these portable devices use for storage.

List of software programs reviewed for photo data recovery : EaseUS, GetDataBack, ReclaiMe, RecoverMyFiles, R-Studio, Recuva, Stellar Phoenix, ZAR.

Overall, as this website groups different types of data recovery tasks and then sorts related programs in a tabular format, it becomes easy to focus on what kind and which program is best suited for purchasing.

Do give it a try!


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  1. This is an excellent tool for people needing a data recovery software. Knowing what features each offer is incredibly important. Thanks for sharing!

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