Sitewide Disclosure : All opinions and observations on this blog are 100% mine.While this blog accepts monetary compensation through ads, sponsored reviews and other forms from time to time, this in no way compromises the quality of the blog as well as my own personal integrity.I reserve the right to refuse any offers that I see fit and also those which may not be aligned with the growth of this blog.

FAQs :

Q. Who or what is AVP and what’s with the blog name?

A.  It is not related to Aliens v/s Predators. AVP are my initials.One fine sunny afternoon I realized that they sound cool and I needed to name something with these initials and hence the blog.

Q. Do you get paid by Microsoft to write so much about Windows settings or is there any affiliation?

A. I don’t get paid by Microsoft, however affiliation wise I do hold MCSA certification plus I really like the Windows logo with shiny colors.

Q. Why so many screenshots even on basic steps?

A. Isn’t a picture worth a thousand words and easier to remember or would you like long booring text?

Q. Is this blog only on Windows?

A. Nope, majority of it is but other stuff includes how-to’s on applications ranging from browsers to system tune-up. It also includes many random tech tips that I come across along with rants.

Q. What’s the fascination with Windows command prompt?

A. Working on Linux terminal spoiled me and I started using command prompt in Windows too.

Q. What operating systems do you personally use?

A. Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8 and (ahem) Linux Mint / Ubuntu/Debian.

Q . Can I write a cool guest post here based on my experience with Windows or other tech stuff?

A. Sure. If it is relevant to overall blog content and provides value then feel free to email me – avp [at] avp-blogs.com

Origins of this blog:

I like technology and I love working with various operating systems with Windows being my favorite.

I originally started this blog as an online journal documenting my experiences with Windows and it’s various nuances and has grown ever since.

This blog provides useful information on how to use technology in an efficient manner with tips and tricks that are either not very commonly used or are obscure but yet a great time saver.The articles in this blog cover most of the daily basic computer related stuff along with the not so basic stuff.There are internet/web services and blogging related tips too in between.

Hope you enjoy your stay here, feel free to either email me – avp [at] avp-blogs.com or connect with me on Twitter .

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