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How To Setup Email Forwarding Using cPanel

When using cPanel for managing settings for hosted blog/websites, it can become tedious to check each and every email account associated with each custom domain.

So, cPanel provides the options of adding “Forwarders”. What this means is that email addresses can be mapped such that emails received at custom domain addresses (say avp [at] avp-blogs.com) can be forwarded to a personal account. This makes keeping track of things easy.

To setup a Forwarder for a blog or website that uses cPanel (most shared web hosts provide this) :

1. Login to cPanel and select “Forwarders” from the “Mail section”.

Forwarders in CPanel

2. For the domain which needs a forwarder, click “Add Forwarder”.

Adding Forwarder from CPanel

3. Enter the email address for which forwarding is needed (in this example : avp [at] avp-blogs.com ].Then enter the email to which the emails will be forwarded. Note that the original custom domain email address will still receive the emails.

Adding am email address to whicb emails will be forwarded

4.┬áHit “Add Forwarder” to finish.

From now on, all emails will be automatically received on the forwarder email address specified while the original email address will still remain intact and get the same emails.


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