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How To Find Out Number Of Domains Hosted On An IP Address

When using shared hosting, it is a good idea to see how many different domains are on the same server that you are on. This is useful information because often slow response or overall website sluggishness (when your own website isn’t seeing a lot of traffic increase) is because lot of domains are crammed on single server.

This is usually done by crappy webhosts who cram as many domains as they can on a given server even if that means quality taking a backseat over quantity.

To find out which other domains are on same server IP as yours :

1. Go to domaintools.com and enter the server IP address you are on.

Finding number of domains hosted on a server

2. This will display which other domains are present along with yours.

List of other domains on server


The above result shows that just 63 domains are present on this server IP which is pretty good. One of the webhosts I had used for a blog had close to 700 domains on same server and it was damn slow all the time!



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