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Why Do We Blog ?

First off, sorry for the off-topic post.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz regarding Google Panda updates that have hit many websites badly when it comes to PR. Here is what Google has to say about it.

These changes are a good example of why to blog in the first place. Following the time tested approach of blogging to create value for readers, to maintain a central source of information and to avoid being like everyone else comes to my mind.

A lot of importance has been given to selecting the “right and popular” niches, to focus on “high value keywords” etc etc none of which I really understand. If you write something that you know well about, in fact love to write about what you really know and in the process help others and yourself then in my book I consider it to be the very reason for any blog to exist.

Monetize you may as you spend time and resources on developing quality content for your blog but that shouldn’t really be everything. Just imagine if in real life you were a good artist but are made to taught mathematics (something you have absolutely no idea about as an artist), would you go ahead and proclaim yourself as a maths professor and deliver lectures?

I hope not and blogging on specific topics / niche is no different. (I am not considering the examples of those who hire professional writers for each topic / category and put it on their blog / major websites but the lone one man blogger who wishes to do something and create value).

The whole point of this boring post is that given the ever changing dynamics of search engine technologies and the whole internet in general, creating value triumphs over quick fixes or instant gratification methods like selecting to blog only in a popular niche (most often about something that you really don’t know, but hey it’s hot and there is a lot of revenue there.)

Happy blogging.


2 thoughts on “Why Do We Blog ?

  1. >Good stuff !

    Lot of fake blogs out there who give the appearance of helping but have only their own interests in mind. Many got hurt by the new Panda update by the way.

    I like your blogging style by the way.


  2. >This is just my daily lifestyle. I enjoy writing new content on my blogs and do SEO on them. I can't imagine a internet without bloggers 🙂

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