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Meet A New Link Shortening Service

Using link shortening services like http://bit.ly can help in transforming boring long web links into something short and sweet.Advantages of doing this are many, a primary advantage being able to post these shortened links in text limited services like Twitter.
Now Google has released it’s own link shortening service for the end user.Bloggers may be familiar with the goo.gl links that were automatically generated for blog posts if configured.This is now directly accessible.
Go to http://goo.gl
Enter any website address or a specific web link that needs to be shortened.
Click on Shorten which will generate the new shortened link on right side and the detailed statistics for it in the below section.
On the first use, I must say that the user interface for goo.gl looks pretty similar to http://bit.ly .
Happy link shortening.

2 thoughts on “Meet A New Link Shortening Service

  1. Hello there ,
    I was reading your page when I saw you mentioned bit.ly/ here: avp-blogs.com/2010/10/meet-new-link-shortening-service/
    This is a great tool when you need to shorten a link, but as a user, sometimes I’m afraid to open these links because I’m not sure where it goes and if the site is safe. I found a tool that helped me out a few times and makes me more confident clicking on these links:
    I’m sure that your users will appreciate if you add that tool to your page and allow them to avoid annoying situations 🙂
    I hope I helped back,

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