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Lillilooloo.com Reviewed

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Lillilooloodotcom. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wouldn’t it be great if there would be a single point from where management consultants can upload and download their documents, get free templates, methodologies and tool kits for the kind of work required based on business sectors, get sample documents as well as process guides and methodologies based on one’s requirements?

How about having a complete back office access which is totally online and convenient?

Lillilooloo does just that. It is the only full site that is geared for management consulting community and covers various sectors.Also it is the only site from where one can access 1000s of free consulting manuals as well as effectively share documents.

Registration is free and once logged in there are various facilities available ranging from uploading and downloading documents, getting free templates, documents as per one’s needs, buying templates from the template store, browsing the video and audio section or purchasing premium services.

Basically the site is divided into two sections : Free and Template Store.The free section of the site offers 1000’s of consulting manuals and other related management documents which can be downloaded easily.There are about 60000 documents present in the free section alone that can be used.Also there is a community feature where one can join existing groups that are aligned to their interests or simply make a new one.

The consulting templates available through the template store can be directly downloaded at just 49$ / year which is very reasonable.

Also, the template store has a cool book titled “Succeeding As A Management Consultant” that provides strategic insights as well as ways to logically approach and solve business challenges through decision trees, mapping and other tools.

Various management documents ranging from business proposals to review reports and much more can be customized through the premium document creation service.These documents are prepared by the research team and ensures high quality work.This also helps in outsourcing back office functions as well as research operations in a cost-effective manner.

Feel free to check the site out, it is interesting and definitely very resourceful.

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