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Watch Detailed Traffic Stats From Blogger

Just a short post which I wanted to share regarding the new feature in blogger thats shows detailed stats.

The new introduction by Google to watch stats in blogger is cool as it allows in near real time to see which of your blog posts are getting hits as well as the traffic sources.

No need to view it seperately since it is already integrated with blogger.

To use this new feature,login to blogger in draft and click on Stats button

This brings up a dashboard very similar to Google Analytics but much more cooler due to the traffic feed in almost real time.

When a post gets lot of attention/retweets etc,it shows up almost instantenously on dashboard plus all the traffic stats from daily,weekly,monthly perspective are available too.

One biggest benefit is that there is no need to add an additional tracker/script/widget to make use of the above,it is all built-in.
Pretty useful stuff.

Happy blogging.

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