Quickly Find NoFollow links

A nofollow is a hyperlink attribute which requests search engines not to increase the importance of a visiting site specified by that hyperlink in it’s index and thereby having no change on the overall rank of the link target.

This was primarily devised to reduce spam and maintain the overall search quality of the search engines but for building backlinks this doesn’t help much. [On most websites which have the comments section links as nofollow,visiting them and leaving a web address back to your blog/site wouldn’t have much impact in increasing the overall value of your own site/blog because of nofollow attribute.]

By the way,the comments on this blog are all dofollow because they are moderated before publishing thereby combating spam.

Here is a handy FireFox add-on that can color code the link based on whether it’s attribute is nofollow or not and here is the creator’s website if interested.

Once installed,simply right click on a website and select NoDoFollow to find if links are nofollow or dofollow,if they are no-follow then they will be highlighted in pinkish red,for dofollow in blue.

Simple and efficient.

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2 Comments to “Quickly Find NoFollow links”

>That's a nifty little tool! I have a blogger blog, when I've looked I've never seen a way to switch from nofollow to dofollow, or to even know what it's set on to begin with. I'll have to download this just to check my own blog.


>FreakSmack – Yup,it does make checking link attributes quite easy just at a mouse click.

Glad you find it useful.