How to take screenshots of web pages using FireFox

Mozilla FireFox is a pretty cool browser but becomes even more cooler with the variety of add-ons that can be installed for it.

Screengrab is an add-on which allows you to take screenshots of full web pages,particular window,custom selection or a specific visible portion all from within FireFox.

Get it from here and once installed specify the image format in which you would require the web page screenshots(either jpeg of png) to be saved.To do this,go to Tools > Addons and select the Options button below the add-on name.

Taking a screenshot is very straightforward,left click on the Screengrab icon (marked with red square in the image below) at the bottom right corner of FireFox window which brings up a tiny menu of Save or Copy.

The Save option will simply save the screenshots to a file specified while Copy would copy the screenshots to clipboard.

Whole window,specified selection, page frame and visible portion all can be copied or saved using this handy add-on.

I found it a time saver for sure.Do give it a try and see if it is useful.



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