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How To Remove NoFollow Comments In Blogger

In my earlier post,I had mentioned about nofollow attributes of HTML links.

Blogger by default comes with the comments section as nofollow but there is a simple line to be edited in order to make any blog hosted on blogger as a dofollow blog.[There is technically no such thing as dofollow,but removing nofollow tag implies no nofollow which means dofollow that is easier to understand 🙂 ]

To make the blogger blog go dofollow:

1.Login to blogger account and navigate to Design.The new features have changed the settings a bit which added this Design tab.

2.Backup the existing blogger template by selecting the Download Full Template option.(I would suggest you do this every time you make changes to the blog)

2.Click on Edit HTML and check the box “Expand Widget Templates” otherwise the changes for nofollow can’t be made.

3.Search exactly for this line :

href=’a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow

The code should look like this :

What the 2nd line above means is that link attribute for comment section taking in account the poster’s web address/URL is set to no follow which is what we want to remove here.

So edit the 2nd line by deleting rel=’nofollow’ such that the modified code now looks like this :

Save the template and verify whether the comments have now become dofollow using an addon like NoDoFollow.

I have shown the before and after code using HTML editor (HTML Kit in this case) because it becomes easier to navigate and make the changes however it can be directly done through the browser window too,make sure that the original blogger template is backed up first.

Hope this was an informative post.

4 thoughts on “How To Remove NoFollow Comments In Blogger

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    If you want, be one of the first to blog about it. I am sure you know how difficult it is getting visitors to a new site. Your help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!


  2. >Does anyone know if it is possible to do this selectively on blogger? I know that in many platforms it is but I can't find anything about blogger other than the "all-or-nothing" approach, which isn't feasible in my niche.
    It would be great to be able to reward good comments with dofollow and leave the rest (ie spam) on the nofollow default.

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