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How to run DOS applications on Windows Vista

Some things are addictive no matter how old they get,like playing DOS based games for instance.

Have you ever wondered how will good old DOS run in Windows XP/Vista boxes?
There is a cool free utility that allows you to do just that.It is an emulator of sorts which provides you all the retro DOS features in your shiny new Windows.

It is named DOSBox and the best thing it does is the ability to run really nice DOS games under Windows,all that for free.Let’s take a look on how to go about installing and configuring it.

Download it from here first.

Run the setup with administrator privileges,installation is quite visual.Once installed,you can see a desktop icon like this :

Double click to run the application,there will be a familiar good old DOS console :

To run any DOS application,first we need to mount a drive in DOSBox which contains the executables.The following command gives the correct syntax to do that :

intro mount

Here,I am mounting a folder which has Mortal_Kombat arcade game as a drive in DOSBox.
The game folder resides on D Drive on my Vista machine,I am assigning it drive letter G in DOSBox,the full command looks like this :

mount g d:ArcadeMortal_Kombat

I will verify that the G drive is listed correctly with the specific folder :

All done,now just like in good old DOS days,type the executable file name to launch the program in full glory of DOS by navigating to the mounted drive – g: in this case.

To quit DOSBox,simply type “quit” to close the shell.

Playing DOS based games kind of brings back old memories,doesn’t it?


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