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How to use set logon

Windows command prompt is like the old distant uncle you have,you dont speak much with him normally but whenever you go to him for help,help is guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at a domain based scenario wherein I want to check connectivity from client system to any
available domain controller.

I call upon the Windows command prompt to help me on checking this.
Here,we do two things:

1.Open command prompt.
2.Use the set command in Windows to get us the required info.

Here is what I see :

C:UsersAVP>set logon

This means that I am currently using a domain controller named \BOX if it is a domain based environment.If I see the name of my own Windows client on running the set logon command in a domain environment,there is a high possibility of the connection to the DC being botched up and needs a fix.

Personally,I have removed and rejoined the systems to domain whenever I have seen set logon return the name of the local machine instead of the DC [this saves a lot of time from troubleshooting GPOs,doesnt it? :)].Even after returning the correct DC value,if there is something wrong,you can go ahead and check the GPOs.

I hope this post helps in diagnosing the connection to DC as a first step before actually jumping in and start troubleshooting GPOs or DC settings.


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