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Don’t take any road

If you want to go nowhere,any road will take you there.This I have realised is absolutely true.When at the end of day you ask yourself “What have you accomplished today?” and get a no answer in return,that is the day you take time off to contemplate on where exactly are you going.

I wake up everyday and ask myself “There should be definitely more in life than what I am doing”.I really wish I get the answer to this sooner than later and will continue finding it till I get one.

Identifying your core competencies and aligning what you do with that is one of the ways that guarantees that you always get an answer to your question every day of the year.
The challenge lies in finding what exactly are your core competencies and what you absolutely love doing (this quest is sort of searching the holy grail for majority of the mortals).

A movie I recently saw on this is “A Good Year” starring Russel Crowe who delivers very nice performance.Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) is a cut throat corporate raider (reminds me somewhat like Michael Douglas in Wall Street),a banker who is fully capable of playing dirty to make money.One good dialog from the film is him addressing his crew “We are not here for dental plan,lab rats.We are here to make money”.By the end of movie,he looks back and realises the things he had missed in the rat race,turns down the offer extended by his firm to be a partner and returns forever to his uncle’s wineyard in France.

Many many people realise this at 40 when most of the things they always wanted to do are no longer possible because of the total involvement in rat race.This is a very difficult race to get out of.The trick to get out of the race once again is knowing to make money doing what you absolutely love doing without compromising your identity or your existence.Money is definitely spiritual (in case you need to read more on this,a book by Wallace Wattles – “The science of getting rich” is a neat source).
When you ask follow the abundance mentality,universe actually aligns with you and definitely helps you out.Keeping an open mind and not obsessing for any materialistic items makes them come your way if your intentions are strong and pure enough not the other way around.

A good past time can be to conduct research on manifestation of intentions and spiritual laws.This is all definitely fascinating stuff and there are scores of books available on the subject.

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