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We are all connected

It has been quite a while since I posted anything here.

Recently,I decided to check out using Macbook Pro and how it can be used by a Windoze guy like me.
Installed the latest and greatest Leopard and started using it.Well,the interface is quite simple to use however you can’t help feeling the itch for “terminal”.
Always keep a terminal window active.

While working on the Mac,the keyboard started freezing all of a sudden at random intervals which is very very annoying.So,I searched online and got this solution which is working for me as I type this…

You basically need to run this command,which can be done as follows :

In the terminal,type :
sudo update_prebinding -force -root

Once done,reboot the system(Just like good old windows).

Few good things I saw are the ease of accessing external devices and how pretty much everything is PnP.Application installs are quite simple and incase they don’t open by the fancy icons…any windows guy can do what I do…go to /Applications in terminal and do an open Appname.app.

Quite routine stuff all the other things.
Another thing which I saw is making a LAN using the existing XP laptop is very straight forward.Since I needed to be online using a Macbook and I have my T60p with wireless data card,I shared the internet connection from T60p,hooked both the systems together and instantly LAN was active,could get online from Macbook and both the nodes use APIPA to talk to each other.

Trying to figure out how do I run metasploit on this Macbook,will definitely write about that when I can figure out how to run it from console.

Listening to Sunday bloody sunday as I type this.


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