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Hells Bells

>There is something very haunting about the song “Hells Bells” by AC/DC that I can’t somehow seem to get out of my head…like its stored as a persistent entry.

Those who want to hear the song can go here:

More info on the song here:

I have not put the above links as URL…copy paste and view them.

Back to the wonderful world of systems administration,in one of my earlier posts,I had used driverquery to get list of all available drivers on a Windoze 🙂 box.The csv file can be used as an input and used in php to view it in online format.
Its a simple php function:fgetcsv which accepts the csv file.
Code as follows :

$fp=fopen(‘c:drv.csv’,’r’) or die (“sorry”);

n”;while ($csv_line=fgetcsv($fp,4096)) {print”;for($i=0,$j=count($csv_line);$i{echo ”;


fclose($fp) or die (“nope,sorry”);

The output will be a nice viewable drivers list on Windoze box in your favourite web browser.

Going back to listening hells bells …. again.

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