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5 ways to keep Windows secure

Let’s face it,viruses and malware are a pain in the neck not only because they disrupt productivity but also the clean up involved after them.

As elementary as this sounds,here are the 5 simplest ways to keep Windows healthy and happy :

1.Apply updates religiously : Microsoft releases security updates and the same are detected by Windows Update service,configure or apply them from Windows Update option in Control Panel.

2.Keep antivirus applications updated : There are plenty of reliable antivirus applications out there (Symantec and AVG come to mind),do ensure that the definition files for these applications are updated regularly.Outdated definition files render the protection offered by these utilities useless.

3.Clean cookies and fix registry issues : CCleaner is the only tool I use for this,it is free as well as awesome.For a quick look on how to use it,refer my earlier post.

4.Avoid downloading stuff that you don’t know : This includes the zillions of toolbars from spam websites which can and do collect personal info,install trojans and can cause a lot of nasty stuff to Windows.If you have been doing steps 1,2 and 3 regularly,the chances of this decrease greatly.

5.Keep updated with Microsoft security bulletin : Here is theĀ link.It will provide all the information needed regarding the purposes of each update released as well as any high alert vulnerabilities.

The above points may seem pretty common but it is amazing how often we miss doing this.

I experienced a virus outbreak last year which infected my Vista laptop and spread to other systems on the network that hijacked my DNS settings and redirected all web queries to a spammer’s gateway somewhere in Russia.Wasn’t fun removing the trojan completely for sure and all of that because the definition files on anti virus applications were a bit outdated.

I hope this has been an informative post.

Happy and safe computing.


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