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Remotely disable windows automatic updates through command prompt

Many times,the windows automatic updates dialog can become an eye sore especially when the box is in public view.Hitting the later button will only make it go away for a while and then it pops up again.

In my earlier post,I had written how useful psexec actually is.

I can think of a simple analogy when using psexec for remote administration.
Psexec is the transport that you take to reach the place(the remote system) where you want to go.

Lets take a look at how to get rid of those automatic updates messages when its a system placed in public view(like kiosks etc.)

I want to disable the updates on box named AVP-XP in this example:

1.Get the remote shell or remote command prompt of the system –
psexec \AVP-XP cmd

This gives me :

2.Now that we are we wanted to go,simply disable the wuau service on the remote box :
C:WindowsSystem32>net stop wuau

3.All done.

This will stop the service on remote box without even having to go where it is placed,of course it has to be online in the first place 🙂

For disabling the same through GUI,take a look at this nice website.


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